DOT/OSHA Compliance

Pennsylvania Act 153 ProVerifyTM Screening Program

Application Verification (AV) has designed ProVerifyTM a new cloud-based software to address Pennsylvania’s new Act 153 screening requirements. Act 153 requires that any adult with direct contact with children must request state and/or federal clearances every 36 months. These new requirements become effective July 1, 2015. Here’s how it works:

Employee File Management

Our ProVerifyTM system allows for an organization to send out an email request to volunteers or employees and collects the required information on our secure online application.

Additionally, Application Verification’s back office support will order and process:

  • Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH) Clearances
  • FBI (Fingerprinting) Clearances
  • Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (ChildLine) Clearances

The ProVerifyTM system has the capabilities to search for volunteer’s/employee’s current or historical information regarding clearance completion and recertification purposes.

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The Energy Industry holds the potential to change the global market for natural gas. As an employer, a struggle you may face is to balance aggressive hiring demands with stringent regulatory requirements within the industry.

Application Verification shares your commitment to the industry and has developed a process that will ensure your hiring procedures are streamlined. The energy products and services that we offer are designed to solve the industry’s overwhelming need to hire highly qualified candidates. Our ProVerify™ solution serves as a platform for electronically ordering and retrieving all of your employment screening services.

The ProVerify™ system has the capability to search for a candidate’s / employee’s current or historical information regarding energy medical screening and clearance records. This feature is not only valuable during the hiring process, but serves as a critical element during the recertification process.


30 Hours. That’s the average turnaround time for Application Verification’s pre-employment screening process. We deliver the most thorough and complete reports in the industry, with the highest standard of quality.

How do we deliver so much more in less time? Technology. Our ProVerify™ solution serves as a platform for electronically ordering and retrieving all of our screening services.


Structural Integrity Expert KTA – Tator Leans on AV

Data integrity is discussed by our client, KTA-Tator. Streamlining processes, order requests and timely clinic visits are also reviewed.


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County Criminal Searches
County Criminal Searches determine if a candidate has a felony, misdemeanor or infraction offense within a specific county.

This type of search covers more than 3,300 county courthouses locating records disposed of in superior, upper, lower, and/or municipal level courts. Reports contain legally reportable information, typically including the date of arrest and filing, charges, level of charges, disposition date, final disposition and any applicable sentence or penalty. Application Verification’s Program Specialists conduct strict quality control procedures on each criminal record before it is reported back to our clients.


Our Prestigious National Accreditation

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  • Background Screening
  • Robust Reporting
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Application Verification, Inc. (AV) is more than just a background screening company; we are a nationally accredited and comprehensive full-service human resource support organization.

Our cutting-edge screening and reporting technology, ProVerify™ , functions as a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to our clients, as it provides the organizational, accessible, and reporting capabilities that many organizations seek.

With Application Verification, our customers find a simple data-entry process, efficient turn-around-times and clear, concise federally compliant results.

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