Better Tips for Vetting Your New Recruits

In today's world, the business world has become even more competitive. Not only can great recruits look for jobs anywhere in the world, they often don't have to leave their homes to get a job while working online. This puts pressure on businesses to find great workers. And to do that, you need to vet them properly. Otherwise you could end up bringing someone in that has a negative effect on your business. Here's how to make sure you make the right choice in your next hire.

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Background Checks

Today, looks have changed. Someone with features that would have made them seem trustworthy in the past can be tools they use while lying. By looking up your company in advance of the interview, people know what you want to hear. Be sure you aren't hiring someone with a colorful past by doing pre-employment background checks. This will give you peace of mind that your current employees, products, and customers won't be in any danger (


Verification of Employment

Anyone can make a claim of how long or where they worked somewhere else. It can be a hassle to verify everything yourself by talking to their former employers. According to a recent OfficeTeam survey, nearly half of workers (46%) know someone who included false information on a resume! Luckily, there are certain employment verification programs that are quick and easy to use without breaking the bank (



If an employee recommends someone for a position, it is a better bet than a random person off the street. After all, they are putting their reputation on the line. Therefore, consider offering a reward for employees if they recommend someone who ends up working out really well for the company (


Trial Period

Anyone can fake being a good employee during an interview. Even during the first few weeks and months, they may seem like a perfect fit. But after a while, a new hire might start to slack. To ensure this doesn't affect your business, make it clear that certain benefits will only be available after a specific time, so they are more likely to follow through and stay motivated to perform (


When it comes to bringing new people into your business, you need to be careful. If you bring the wrong people on board they can cause a lot more problems even if they seem great in the interview. Use the tips above to ensure only the best people come into your startup and that you are able to grow with immense talent on your side.