What Clearances are Needed for Teaching in PA?

What if missing something small kept you from getting your dream job as a teacher?

It sounds scary, but it can easily happen if you miss out on some of the necessary PA clearances. You may be wondering, then: what clearances are needed for teaching in PA?

Keep reading to find out what the clearances are and how to get them!


What Clearances Are Needed for Teaching in PA?

In short, there are two background checks: one for child abuse and one for criminal background. You must also be fingerprinted by the state.

Keep going to find out more about these processes and exactly how schools want to vet their recruits!

FBI Fingerprinting

Step one is to get yourself fingerprinted by the state so that you are in their system. You must go to this site and click on "The Department of Education."

You must register online and then fill out all of the relevant boxes that you see. When you are done, you will be prompted to make an immediate payment with a credit or debit card.

Two important bits of information that the site does not automatically tell you about: you need to click the box saying you want an unofficial copy (an extra $2.50) and you need to print out your registration information. This gives you physical proof that you have gone through the process.

However, PA clearances for teachers still require the actual fingerprints. You must now go to http://www.pa.cogentid.com/index.htm and click on "Print Locations and Hours" underneath the "Print Site Locations" tab. Once you go and get fingerprinted, it will cost $33.00.

State Police Criminal Background Check

The state sees the teachers as being in a very sensitive and privileged position as teachers. Because of this, you must submit to a criminal background check so they can know they are hiring someone without a violent or criminal history.

The good news about this process is that you can handle most of it from your own home. Just go to this site, click on "Credit Card Users," and then click "Submit a New Record Check."

You will have to accept their specific terms and then fill out the form itself. Once the system has verified that you do not have a criminal record, you can print the necessary page out after you the fee of ten dollars.

Child Abuse Background Check

Being a teacher in PA means constantly being around children. Understandably, the state wants to protect these children, so you must submit to a child abuse background check.

Start by visiting here and clicking on "Online Child Abuse Clearance." You will need to log in and create an account before filling out the form.

The form itself is relatively lengthy. And despite being an online form, you'll need to pay in an offline way by paying a money order in the amount of ten dollars.

The Bottom Line

If you're reading this, you want to know more about what clearances are needed for teaching in PA and other background checks in the state. That's why you should trust the experts!

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