Fingerprinting Schedule




I’d like TO CREATE AN event.



I’m with an organization interested in fingerprinting events.

What is “On-site FBI Fingerprinting?”

On-site fingerprinting the newest service offered by ProVerify. We have two mobile fingerprinting units that we can bring to your location. With these units, we are able to bring the fingerprinting services to your front door! On-site fingerprinting offers the option to bring the FBI Fingerprinting process to your doorstep. We can make the previously frustrating, difficult process an easy one. Our skilled technicians will bring the mobile unit to your location for a full or half day. The pre-registration process means that your people will quickly and painlessly get their fingerprints without waiting in long lines or driving long distances to make their appointments.

How does an “Event” Work?

We send our mobile fingerprinting unit with someone from our team to your location on the scheduled day. They’ll spend either a full or half day at your location fingerprinting all of the pre-registered people. The clearance can be stored in our online tracking system to make record keeping a breeze!

How Does scheduling your own event work?

Getting on the schedule is easy! Fill out the form (here) to get in contact with our scheduling team. We will let you know when we will be in your area, you pick a day, pay for the spot and you’re scheduled! You’ll get a link to share with your staff and/or volunteers for them to pre-register. Anyone who wishes to be fingerprinted MUST pre-register.


I’m an individual scheduling a time slot.

How does the process work as someone needing their fingerprints?

As an applicant, you can look at the calendar or list of events and choose your desired event day (on this page). After you have chosen the most convenient day for you, you will fill out the registration link associated with that event. Once we have that information, our coordination team will reach out to you to schedule your time slot on the day you picked.

If you are coordinating your services based on an event your organization has scheduled, you may already have the direct link to the specific event you need to schedule for. In that case, you won’t have to search our calendar or list.

Do I need an appointment to get my fingerprints taken?

Yes. To keep the process as smooth as possible, we will not be taking walk-in fingerprints. You must pre-register prior to your appointment. There will not be a way to take payment on site on the day of the event. That must be taken care of prior to the appointment with the coordination call from ProVerify’s team.

Will I be able to pick my time slot?

Yes! You can use the scheduling tool on the event page to pick and schedule your time slot.

I missed the time slot I scheduled. What do I do now?