ProVerify™ ID Screening Management System.

Human service organizations often work with some of the most fragile and at-risk populations including those people with disabilities. If your organization is serving these populations, you cannot risk jeopardizing your staff or those who you serve to someone with questionable character. Any incident not only puts those you serve in danger but can also dramatically impact your organization’s reputation and mission.

The ProVerify™ Difference.

Old Way

  • Manual Tracking - Tracking clearance expiration dates manually, which is needlessly time consuming.
  • Ineffcient Screening
    Requiring an individual to access and make appointments with several different clearances websites leads to delays in processing.
  • Multiple Lists
    The criminal clearance information is likely in a spreadsheet, a binder, or in individual paper files, making finding important information difficult.
  • Labor Intensive Reporting
    To document an individual completion of criminal clearances in most cases must be keyed-in manually, which can be both time consuming and inaccurate.
  • Antiquated Practices
    Manual spreadsheets, 3 ring binders, and color-coded file folders are practices that belong in the last century.


  • Automatic Tracking
    ProVerify™ Screening Management System automatically tracks when every single individual’s clearance needs renewed in your organization
  • Customized Screening
    Every single individual that applies through your customized web application is automatically submitted for a complete background check. ProVerify™ professional resources ensure the background screening results meet your organization’s compliance requirements.
  • ProVerify™ - One Unified Tracking System
    ProVerify™ makes finding information for audits easy. No more cross referencing binders and paper files – The ProVerify™ system keeps all vital information for everyone in your organization in one place.
  • Simple Reporting
    The ProVerify™ Screening Management System can quickly and easily create reports, saving your organization valuable time and resources.
  • Best Practices in Technology
    The best practices for managing individual screening associated with your organization using technology are found in the ProVerify™ Screening Management System.

ProVerify™ ID Required Screening.

ProVerify™ ID Screening

Background checks for organizations that serve individuals with special needs are now an essential part of the hiring process. The ProVerify service offering can fully assist with set-up, coordination, and management of all details for the following ProVerify™ ID  background screening services:

  • PA Access to Criminal History (PATCH) Criminal Clearance

  • PA ChildLine Criminal Clearance

  • Federal FBI Fingerprinting Criminal Clearance

  • Professional Reference / Verification Searches

  • Employment Physicals

  • Commercial National Criminal Investigation

  • National Sex Offender Search

  • Employee TB Testing

  • Driving Record Checks

  • 5 Panel Rapid Substance Abuse Drug Testing



ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification has the ability to not only make you compliant, but keep you compliant. It enables you to mentor an individual's on-going screening compliance to ensure your organization is meeting your regulatory requirements.

  • Step-by-Step Progress Completion Updates

  • Monthly Recertification Reminders

  • Full Management of the Clearance Recertification

  • Quarterly Audit Support

  • Full Management of the Bi-Annual Physical and TB Process

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The ProVerify™ system can save you time, money, and offer you peace of mind.

We are experts on the screening laws and regulations.

We keep up with all new legislation related to background checking procedures and verification services, as well as industry-recognized best practices to ensure that policies are aligned with compliance requirements, always!

Easy set-up and support.

Getting set up with ProVerify™ is fast and easy. Our installation and training team is unmatched in the industry.

Superior data and screening technology.

Any decision is only as good as the data behind it. AV connects our customers with the most up-to-date information available. Each background screen is processed and adjudicated by a team of skilled professionals that provide you with the most accurate and compliant reports.

Decision-making made easy.

When it comes down to making decisions, what matters the most is not only that the information is accurate, but also quick and easy to obtain.

Outstanding support - we're here for you.

ProVerify™ Client Success Team is the best in the business. Every customer can access live customer support, remote assistance, recorded training videos, live webinars, and everything else you need for customer success.

Reports you need, easy to request and access.

Reporting has never been easier. Easily track who in your organization is coming up on screening expiration. Start with your professional staff then transition to a comprehensive tracking program for your volunteers and vendors.

How Much Does ID Cost?

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