Westinghouse Client Set-Up Training for Screening Services

To Register: 

Please contact Melissa Caruso at 1-855-581-7875 to schedule a 30-minute (additional question and answer time will be provided) webinar on how to use Application Verification’s ProVerify™ screening system to place and receive screening information in connection with Westinghouse’s Unescorted Access and Contingent Workforce screening program. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  1. Explain how to place a screening order
  2. Explain how to receive screening results
  3. Explain how the ProVerify ™ system’s screening evaluation tools work
  4. Discuss Permissible Purposes, Notices and Disclosures, and Adverse Action processes
  5. Discuss information flow for reporting information back to Westinghouse

Additionally, each company will be given their usernames and temporary passwords to the system after attending this system training webinar.

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