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A web-based software system tailored to specific industries that enables your company to completely organize and manage all your background checks, drug testing, physicals, and employment verification services all in one secure location.

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What industry are you screening for?



Teachers, bus drivers, volunteers, and anyone who would come in contact with the students.



Volunteers and employees at non-profit community organizations.


Human Services 

Human service employees that work with individuals who are intellectually disabled or mentally ill.



Employees who work on various types of energy plants.


Not in one of these industries yet? Check out our traditional screening services. 

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Background checks for education institutions are fast-becoming a requirement in many states and throughout the country. With the legislative landscape today, if it is not required now, it will be sometime soon.

Background checks for education institutions must cover all administration, faculty, staff and volunteers. Recent statistics show that professional staff are over 90% compliant with the new regulations. However, education institutions are only meeting between 30-40% compliance when suppliers and volunteer clearances are requested and reviewed.

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Human service organizations often work with some of the most fragile and at-risk populations, including people with intellectual disabilities. If your organization is serving these populations, you simply cannot risk jeopardizing your staff or those you serve to someone with questionable character. Background screening is a must. Any kind of incident not only puts those you serve in danger, but can also dramatically impact your organization’s reputation and mission.

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Protect yourself and your organization with employee and volunteer background screening. Your nonprofit community organization serves the most important population there is: our young people. They’re in need of your mentoring, support and help, and they’re also quite vulnerable and at risk. You must protect and ensure the safety of each and every person your organization comes in contact with – young and old – and that’s why you cannot take any risks with the people you hire or bring on to volunteer within your organization.

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The energy industry holds the potential to change the global market for natural gas. As an employer, a struggle you may face is to balance aggressive hiring demands with stringent regulatory requirements within the energy industry.

Application Verification shares your commitment to achieving compliance with regulatory requirements and meeting hiring demands. The ProVerify Energy service offering is designed to solve the industry’s overwhelming need to hire highly qualified candidates. Our ProVerify solution serves as a platform for electronically ordering and retrieving all of your employment screening services. Our services can also export these results to compliance management tools like ISN Net.

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